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Personal Counselling Service

Statistics show that unresolved psychological and emotional disturbances can have serious repercussions on health, relationships and work life. Timely professional help and support can help people ‘bounce back’. All they need is someone who is willing to listen to their concerns and help them find a way out.

Our counselling service provides you with non-judgmental & confidential space where you are free to ‘be yourself’. Our counsellor moves away from the traditional role of an advisor to that of a facilitator.

Areas of Counselling
Enhancing Self Confidence
Building Social and Relationship Skills
Learning to Become More Flexible
Language Improvement
Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking
Personality Enhancement
Etiquette Tips
Financial and Health
Academic Worries
Any other areas of Self-Improvement

Benefits to you
Manage fear, worry and feelings of insecurity
Resolve relationship issues (personal & professional)
Break free of addictions or insurmountable challenges
Have someone to talk to or a sounding board to generate ideas
Find solutions to health and financial concerns

The above list represents broad topics. We develop customised workshops based on specific requirements.



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